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what is environmental geography

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Meaning of Environmental Geography

‘Environmental geography is basically the study of Environment’. If this is so, why it should not be termed as geography of environment” ? The answer is easy, the term of Environmental geography lays more emphasis on man-environment relationships.Probably K. Hewitt and F. K. Hare first used the term of  ‘environmental geography’ in Man and Environment.

Environmental Geography definition -: Define Environmental Geography

Environmental geography is the study of systematic description of different components of environment and interactions of man with these components.
Thus the definition of Environmental geography may be further broadened as follows:

“Environmental geography is the study of characteristic features of various components of the Environment, the interactions between and among the components in a geoecosystem in terms of ecosystem of varying spatial and temporal scales.”

Savindra Singh  defined Environmental Geography in 1989 as follows :

“Thus broadly speaking, environmental geography may be defined as the study of spatial attributes of interrelationships between living organisms and natural environment in general and between technologically advanced ‘economic man’ and his natural environment in particular in temporal and spatial framework.”

The final definition of environmental geography may be formulated as follows :
“environmental geography may be defined as that branch of geography  which studies the characteristics, compositions and functions of different components of the natural environmental system, mutual interdependence  of different components, various processes that link the components, the interactions of different components with each other and among themselves and consequent responses (environmental problems) in spatial and temporal context in terms of ‘geoecosystem.’ as well as interactions of technologically advanced ‘economic man’ with different components of natural ‘geoecosystem’ and resultant modifications and changes in the natural geoecosystem leading to environmental degradation and pollution, the techniques and strategies of pollution control measures and management of ecological resources” .
-(Savindra Singh,1989)

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