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Ecology : Meaning and Definitions

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ecology definition

Ecology meaning
Ecology in a very simple term. The word ‘ecology’ (‘oecology’ or ‘oekology’) derived from two greek words, ‘oikos’ meaning house or dwelling as habitat and ‘logos’ meaning the study of.

Ecology definitions
The term ‘ecology’ was first coined and used by the German biologist, Ernst Haeckel in 1869, a few conceptual terms were already proposed to reveal relationships between organisms and their environment. ecology is a science that studies the interdependent, mutually reactive and interconnected relationships between the organisms and their physical environment on the one hand and among the organisms on the other hands.
For Example, French zoologist, Isodore geoffroy St. Hilaire used the term ecology in 1859, for the study of the relations of the organisms within the family and society in the aggregate and in the community.

It may be summarized that : ecology is a science that studies interrelationships between biotic and abiotic components  of a natural ecosystem of one hand and among organisms on the other hand.

  • S. Singh, Environmental Geography

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